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Education in Spain for Indian students

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Capital: Madrid
Currency: Euro
Time zone: UTC -01

Main language of study: Spanish (free and paid programs)
Second language of study: English (only paid programs)
Structure of education system: pre-school, elementary (6 years), secondary (4 years), senior high school (2 years), higher education (Bachelor’s program, Master’s program, postgraduate program), postgraduate education
The most popular cities among entrants are: Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia


Spain is the choice for those Indians who want to get high quality of European education at a reasonable price. Such opportunity is provided to Indian students not only by state universities, but also private, tertiary schools and various advanced studies courses.

A Spanish diploma is recognized in almost all countries; however, Spanish employers would not mind hiring best Indian students. That’s why education in Spain is not only advantageous in terms of financing, but also may well result in quick start of career in case Indian student chose the right specialization.

The most popular among Indian students are humanities (geography, history, literature, philosophy, study of art), and also more applied sciences, such as graphics, design and tourism. If to talk about tertiary schools, they offer quite strong technical education programs (architecture, construction) and business-oriented ones (marketing, finances, human resources management).

Advantages of education in Spain for Indians

  • Opportunity to get scholarship for Indian students.
  • More affordable cost for Indians of education comparing to Great Britain and Sweden.
  • Availability of education programs not only in Spanish, but also in English.
  • Easy entrance for Indians (no examination) to a Spanish university after finishing 1-2 years of studying at home.
  • Permission to work for Indians while studying and legal residence in the country after graduation and being employed.

Higher education in Spain for an Indian

Considering the fact that getting complete secondary education in Spain takes 12 years, the minimum age for submitting documents is 18. On the other hand, educational institutions don’t require attending preparatory courses. To get admitted to the selected specialization any Indian student needs to pass only one exam called Selectividad.

As for language preferences, those Indians who want to get a Bachelor’s diploma have to prove their knowledge of Spanish, which must be at least DELE Superior (C2) and a basic knowledge of a second language (English, German, French, Portuguese or Italian).

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