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Education in Switzerland for Indian students

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Capital: Bern
Currency: Swiss franc
Time zone: UTC +1

Official languages: German, French, Italian, Rhaeto-Romance
Education is possible in any of the main languages of Europe
Structure of education system: elementary school (6 years), secondary school and pre-university program (2 years), college, university, MBA
The most popular cities among entrants are: Bern, Zurich, Lucerne, Geneva


Is there an Indian student who hasn’t heard of Switzerland? Indians dream to have an account in a Swiss bank. Also Indian people want to go skiing down Swiss Alps or take rest at a thermal resort. As for Indian students who aim to get the best education in Europe, they look over universities and departments to submit documents for admission one day. And it stands to reason.

Education in Switzerland is based on advantages of four educational systems: English-American, German, Italian and French. At a stage of school preparation any parent can select an educational system, which will be the best for his/her child’s future plans, because each of these systems opens doors to universities of particular countries.

There is also a pre-university preparation, which is called International baccalaureate and it is available for Indian students aged 16-19. After finishing it, its document is quoted in all universities and considered of higher level than the national certificate of secondary education.

Study in Switzerland for Indians

Higher education in Switzerland has also its distinctive features. First of all, Indian student can study in several languages for free, including English. Secondly, education programs include not only studying vocation-related subjects, but they also support a worthy level of ethical and physical development of students. Thirdly, and this is associated with university management system, each university has its own requirements for admission, prices and studying programs. That’s why Indian students should not judge by information from one university about the state of affairs in this area.

For those Indians associate Switzerland with a high level of income and think that this fact also provides high prices for education, be in no haste to give up. In private universities the cost for education can actually seem incredibly high, the situation is completely opposite in state universities. Education in Switzerland is available just like in any other country in the world, which is proved by a huge amount of Indian students, which is about 30% of the total amount of students in some universities.

Indian citizens show the biggest interest, especially in MBA programs to the spheres of tourism, hotel and restaurant business. A high level of specialist skills can be easily examined, if Indian student come to any resort of the country, which Switzerland is so famous for.

Other strong education programs: economics, linguistics, engineering and technical, applied and humanitarian areas. Medical education is of great value too, but it is really difficult for Indians student to get admitted there.

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