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Education in Sweden for Indian students

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Capital: Stockholm
Currency: SEK
Time zone: UTC +1

Main language of study: Swedish
Second language of study: English
Structure of education system: pre-school centers, schools (9 years), gymnasiums (3 years), higher education (universities, institutes, colleges)
The most popular cities among entrants are: Stockholm, Uppsala, Lund, Goteborg


Until 2011 any Indian student meeting requirements of a Sweden university as to the level of preparation could obtain free higher education. But nowadays, such privilege is available only to EU citizens and students from Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein on the basis of a student exchange program.

However, such changes had no influence on the amount of Indian entrants; moreover, postgraduate education remained free. Besides, there are lots of scholarship programs for Indians, which can completely cover studies at university and even all related expenses, including renting a place.

There is one nuance that must be mentioned – scholarships are not given for Indians who study at a Bachelor’s degree program; they are only available based on results of the competition when entering Master’s or postgraduate program. One of the solutions for most Indian students is a part-time job for the period of studies without a time limit which is typical for other countries; this job is officially allowed based on a residence permit issued to students.

Advantages of education in Sweden for Indians

  • Modern education with emphasis on gaining practical experience.
  • Swedish universities are permanently in world ratings of the best higher education institutions.
  • Apart from scholarships for Indian students there are other options of financial assistance for Indians, including discounts from universities.
  • Sophisticated programs and good material resources.
  • Opportunity to attend lectures of other specializations optionally.
  • In order to improve adaptation of Indian students there are free Swedish language courses.
  • Diplomas of Swedish universities are recognized in all countries of the world and allow continuing studying in any of them.

Education in Sweden for Indian students

When submitting documents Indian student should carefully read information provided by a university on the official web-site, because requirements to Indian entrants and the structure of education programs are usually different. In general, to enter a university Indians have to participate in a competition conducted by examining the sent documents. Not only a certificate or a diploma is taken into consideration, but all other information, including recommendations, availability of practical skills, examples of works and achievements. The only thing that doesn’t matter is the age, because there are no age limits for Indian entrants.

The basis of higher education in Sweden is lots of individual work of Indian students, who are supervised by professors. So, if self-organization is poor, Indian student should look for a country, which is more loyal to the ability to be responsible for yourself.

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