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Education in Netherlands for Indian students

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Capital: Amsterdam
Currency: Euro
Time zone: UTC +1

Main language of study: Holland
Second language of study: English, German
Structure of education system: elementary, special, secondary, higher
The most popular cities among entrants are: Amsterdam, Nijmegen, Delft


Holland is a part of the Netherlands and it has been demonstrating its high level of urban land improvement for centuries, which traditionally attracts attention of Indians not only as a country for living, but as a place for getting competitive higher education. Although it’s paid for Indian citizens, a huge choice of modern education programs in English and elaborated preparation plans are completely rewarding, hence this fact doesn’t diminish demand for education in the Netherlands.

Education in Holland is undoubtedly a choice of Indian youth that decided to build a stable career in one of the European countries. By following this principle the government makes every effort to stay in the list of countries offering the best higher education with a wide range of preparation in academic degrees and specializations.

These days Holland is also famous for its developments in the sphere of science, which have already managed to leave its mark in history. This fact also attracts attention of young Indian scientists and gifted Indian youth who want to dedicate their life to scientific researches.

Advantages of education in Holland

  • Almost all universities of the country are equally prestigious, and their diplomas are recognized and valued by all employers, including corporations.
  • All Holland research institutes are in the top list of best universities in the world.
  • A perfect choice for students from India, because Holland accepts Indian diplomas and certificates of secondary education.
  • The main language of teaching is English, which enables to continue studying in any other country without extra time consumption, if necessary.
  • After getting a diploma there is an opportunity for Indian student to stay another 12 months in the country legally.
  • Graduates are assisted in finding a job not only at the territory of the Netherlands, but also in the world leading companies of other countries.
  • Huge number of Indian students provides a chance to meet friends and easily get used to a new environment.
  • Opportunity to get a scholarship for Indians and free education.

Higher education in Holland for Indians

To enter a university in Holland Indian student don’t need to pass exams; the only thing Indians have to do is to provide a certificate of complete secondary education, but the grades in it have to be high, at least in mathematics and English, because entrance is based on the results of the competition. If university representatives have doubts about entrant’s level of preparation, they may invite him/her to an interview or offer to attend a preparatory course.

Gradation of educational institutions is quite simple: universities, tertiary schools and international institutes.

The whole variety of academic levels can be offered by universities, where lessons are given in Holland or English. Tertiary vocational schools belong to institutions that offer to get a Bachelor’s diploma in applied specializations. Those Indians who are looking for advanced training are welcomed in international institutes with their Master’s programs, MBA and postgraduate education.

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