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Education in Lithuania for Indian students

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Capital: Vilnius
Currency: Euro
Time zone: EET (UTC +2, in summer UTC +3)

Main language of study: Lithuanian, English
Second language of study: English, Polish, Russian
Structure of education system: elementary (4 years), main (6 years), secondary (2 years), vocational and higher (Bachelor, Master, Doctor)
The most popular cities among entrants are: Vilnius, Klaipeda, Kaunas


Lithuania is one of the countries traditionally taken as an example of high erudition. On the one hand it is proved by a high percent of population with higher education (4th place in European region). On the other hand it can be proud for the most ancient university in Europe, which is important for Indians who want to get fundamental university education.

Nowadays young Indians are dreaming of getting education in Lithuania, especially in such specializations as medicine, design and international relations. Technical specializations are also very popular among Indian students and they are offered by many English-language programs created specifically for Indians. They include information sciences and nanotechnologies, laser sciences and biotechnologies, as well as other modern sciences.

Besides, in pursuit to be as good as the leading universities of Europe in terms of practical skills of young specialists, in 2009 Lithuanian government implemented an education reform focused on improving quality and affordability of education in Lithuania. One of the innovations was creation of so called “science valleys” – modern research and development centers that enable Indian students to get not only theoretical and practical knowledge, implement their inventions into life, participate in researches together with the leading scientists, but even gain support from representatives of business environment.

Education in Lithuania – advantages for Indians

  • A huge choice of education programs in different languages.
    High reputation of Lithuanian diplomas among Indian students and employers.
  • Perspective of the offered specializations for building a career.
    Availability of exchange programs for Indians and double degrees in many universities.
  • The cost of education in higher education institutions of Lithuania is significantly lower than in the same universities in other European countries.
  • Opportunities to get scholarship for Indians or partial compensation of education fees from government, university or international education funds even for Indian students.
  • Low prices for renting a place, food and transportation for Indians.

Rich campus life presented by various communities, clubs, creative associations, which enables to express yourself from a creative side even outside education programs.

Despite the fact that there are no particular obstacles for studying at Lithuanian universities, Indian student still have to put much effort to get admitted. Firstly, those who are not citizens of EU countries need recognition of existent certificate as a document allowing continuing education in Lithuania at the desired program. Secondly, Indian student has to prove the level of language proficiency used for teaching. And thirdly, Indian students  also have to participate in a competitive selection based on entrance examination.

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