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Education in Latvia for Indian students

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Capital: Riga
Currency: Euro
Time zone: UTC +02:00

Main language of study: Latvian
Second language of study: English, Russian
Structure of education system: elementary, secondary (mandatory 9 years and optional 3 years), higher
The most popular cities among entrants are: Riga, Daugavpils, Liepaja


Latvia is one of EU countries, which gives a variety of advantages for getting higher education within its territory for Indians. Huge achievement of Latvian education sphere is participation of this country in Bologna process. First of all it provides Indian students with a high level of teaching staff, modern teaching methods and opportunity to do an internship in a foreign country, as well as find a job there thanks to European diploma.

Higher education in Latvia for Indians

Indian entrants are admitted by private and state universities, as well as colleges and lyceums, which provides a choice of education programs for those Indians who want to get professional qualifications and enter the labor market as soon as possible. However, higher academic education can be obtained only in universities. Bachelor’s degree requires 4 years of studies, Master’s degree – 2 years, doctoral studies – 3-4 years.

As in other countries, to get admitted Indian student has to provide a document of general or vocational secondary education, and also а language certificate.

The cost of education in Latvia is quite affordable for Indians, average in Europe. On the other hand, expenses on accommodation and food are much lower, not to mention that most Indian students have an opportunity to live in dormitories.

Advantages of higher education in Latvia for Indians

  • Education system complies with the Bologna process and diplomas are recognized in all EU countries and not only.
  • Development of international relations between universities enables to get a diploma for Indian student in two universities: Latvian and other European, and also to do an internship in a partner country.
  • Participation in foreign programs gives an opportunity to study one semester or do an internship outside a Latvian university, and also to get experience in your specialization in companies of other countries.
  • For the period of studying in Latvia Indian students get an opportunity to move freely around EU countries and work during non-study time.
  • Best Indian students are provided with scholarships and state-financed openings.

In general it is not very difficult to get higher education in Latvia, which is a perfect choice for Indians who want to leave a native country and build a good career.

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