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Education in Italy for Indian students

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Capital: Rome
Currency: Euro
Time zone: UTC +1

Main language of study: Italian
Second language of study: English
Structure of education system: elementary (5 years), secondary (3+5 years), preparatory – lyceums (5 years), higher (universities, tertiary schools, institutes, colleges)
The most popular cities among entrants are: Rome, Milan, Bologna, Padua, Turin


Italy is a birthplace of the world art, the country whose higher education in the sphere of music, art and design is considered the most desirable and prestigious. Education programs offered in these specializations both is state and private universities. That’s why there are so many Indians that want to study there.

There is only one nuance, which slows down the growing amount of creative Indian youth – pretty high prices for education (over ten thousand Euros a year). But considering the fact that most Indian entrants often start their career at this point working in a famous design studio or a fashion house, such high expenses are not something insuperable for them if they want to prove their talent by getting a diploma.

Higher education in Italy — special aspects

Before submitting documents to an Italian university Indian students should check whether their level of preparation meets the country requirements. For example, it is not enough for Indians to have only a secondary school certificate. To get such an opportunity Indian student has to study one more year at an Italian school, do the first preparation course at a university of your country or at a foreign university.

Such situation exists because Italian students who want to get higher education in Italy complete a five year preparation course at lyceum, vocational school or technical institute after graduating from a secondary school, and only then they enter the university. As a result their level of knowledge is higher than the one of Indian entrance.

The process of studying in state universities is in Italian, and sometimes in English. To prove the knowledge of these languages an Indian entrant has to pass an official exam in one of them. This is important in order to get a visa, because it’s most likely that when entering the university an entrant will have to pass the language test again – Italian educational institutions place their own demands to the knowledge of grammar, text comprehension and oral skills.

Higher education in Italy consists of three steps and it is represented by university and non-university sector. A choice of where to go to study depends not only on specialization, but also on objective to be achieved – to get only practical skills for the shortest time possible, or to take thorough training approved by a state-recognized degree and academic degree.

In the first case Italy can offer a huge list of advanced studies courses for Indians, including summer education programs, and in the second one – a whole network of university programs in first and second higher education, Master’s program and doctoral studies for Indians.

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