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Education in Hungary for Indian students

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Capital: Budapest
Currency: Hungarian forint
Time zone: UTC +01

Main language of study: Hungarian (free and paid programs)
Second language of study: English, German, French
Structure of education system: pre-school, elementary (8 years), secondary gymnasiums, technical and vocational technical schools (from 4 years), higher (Bachelor’s program, Master’s program, doctoral studies), postgraduate education
The most popular cities among entrants are: Budapest, Miskolc, Eger


Hungary offers Indian students excellent opportunities to get high quality of higher education at most affordable prices. In this case Indians have a chance to join a centuries-old European culture as a student of one of the oldest universities, such as Humanitarian University founded in 1367 and the first in Europe University of Technology and Economics, both of which are situated in Budapest.

But traditions are not the only thing that matters to Indians. Hungarian universities are famous for their graduates who made a significant contribution to science and culture, including Nobel Prize Winners. At the moment the most demanding specializations are: information technologies, medicine, pharmacology, veterinary science, dentistry, economics, finances, journalism.

Advantages of education in Hungary for Indians

  • Most Hungarian universities work as partners of prestigious west universities, which enables them to issue diplomas of international standard and various academic degrees.
  • Hungarian diplomas are recognized not only in European countries, but also in Australia, USA and Canada.
  • There are branches of the most world respected educational institutions for Indians , which gives an opportunity to get admitted and complete first years in Hungary, and do an internship in other countries in future.
  • Many universities offer double degree and internship abroad for Indians.
  • Cost of education depends on specialization. The higher cost is for instance, medicine and architecture.
  • Costs for renting a place, food and clothes are significantly lower than in average European countries, while the living standards are still high; for the period of studying Indian students are given a residence permit, and after 10 years of official stay in the country Indians have an opportunity to acquire Hungarian citizenship.

How to enter a Hungarian university

Indians can begin higher education in Hungary immediately upon reaching the age of 18 and upon condition they have a certificate of secondary education and know Hungarian. It is also available to study in other, more common languages, such as German, English, French, but these programs are only paid. But, in any case Indian student has to have a certificate or other document proving the level of the selected language, which must be sufficient for studying.

There are two types of preparatory courses for Indians that mistrust their own powers. A simplified option, absolutely linguistic one, can help you learn the required language and work on communication and comprehension skills. The second type, which is more expensive, includes not only learning the language, but also the disciplines necessary for selection of entrants. The final examination at the end of such courses is taken as an entrance one. Considering the fact that requirements to Indian entrants are different depending on a university, a preparatory department must be a part of Hungarian university you want study at.

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