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Education in Greece for Indian students

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Capital: Athens
Currency: Euro
Time zone: UTC +02

Main language of study: Greek
Second language of study: English
Structure of education system: pre-school (2 years), basic (12 years), secondary (2-3 years), higher
The most popular cities among entrants are: Thessaloniki, Crete, Patras, Athens

Greece is one of the countries offering not only high quality and inexpensive higher education, but also excellent conditions for life and rest for Indian students. Affordable prices for Indians, mild Mediterranean climate, distinctive architecture and lots of historical monuments will make education in Greece one of the most memorable moments for Indian youth.

Despite the fact that Greek education cannot be called a top class example, universities of Greece are still in top 700 best educational institutions of Europe, although they never get higher than the 450 position. Their diplomas are quoted in all countries of the EU and world, and considering the fact that it is almost free to get them, they are an excellent alternative to expensive education of other countries.

Education in Greece for Indians – special aspects and advantages

Higher education in Greece for local citizens, foreigners (including Indians) and EU citizens is relatively free and it is offered only by state universities. In fact, it only works if you decided to study in Greek. For the period of studying, Indian students are provided with accommodation, 3-time meals, necessary literature, health insurance and even discounts for transportation. The only thing Indian student should pay is an annual administrative fee in the amount of 700 Euros. For rest of the Indians education in Greece is paid.

In fact, there is one nuance that lets to improve financial position of Indian students. Studying in Greece automatically gives a Indian the right to get a residence permit in Europe for this period and also allows him/her working part-time in free time and travel across the territory of the EU.

Another significant advantage for Indian students is the absence of entrance examination. Competitive selection among those Indians who want to study in Greece is conducted according to grades in the certificate of secondary education. It is possible to submit documents to 20 different departments in different universities at the same time. However, you should take into account the fact that documents are sent not to universities, but to a state admission committee working under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education. Candidates are considered only from 20th to 30th of July.

As for language competence, education in Greece requires good command of Greek (at least B2), and for some specializations – English. To get a supporting certificate you have to pass a test at a University of Thessaloniki or Athens. Those who don’t know Greek at all, there are special language courses of different programs in respect of complexity and duration, at the end of which it is necessary to pass examination.

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