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Education in Germany for Indian students

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Capital: Berlin
Currency: Euro
Time zone: UTC -1

Main language of study: German (free and paid programs)
Second language of study: English (only paid programs)
Structure of education system: complete secondary education (12-13 years), higher (3-5 years)
The most popular cities among entrants are: Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Munich


Universities of Germany offer Indian students to get a so called classical higher education, which is much-in-demand in technical areas. For example, builders, architects, engineers and electricians who got a diploma in a German university can always find a job in any European country or the USA. And those who decided to work alongside studies at one of the local companies can also get an opportunity to stay in the country on legal grounds as full-time staff.

Nowadays studying in Germany is very popular because many German universities apply Bologna system of credit transfer, which makes it possible to continue studying in Germany once started at home. It is also popular because of an excellent level of graduates, advanced teaching methods and professional teaching personnel. Moreover, it is quite possible to get admitted at no charge and without admission tests. So, it is pretty difficult to resist the temptation to get higher education in Germany.

There’s one little “but” in it – free studying is only available in German; all English education programs are paid. But the price paid in this case is fully reasonable, because a diploma obtained in Germany is capable of clearing the way to the promising career future.

It must be said that Germany is famous not only for the quality of higher education, but also secondary and elementary education. Germany is the country where the first kindergartens were established and the teaching system is clearly adjusted, well-structured, sophisticated and reasonable from the first to the last year of study.

Indian entrants must keep in mind: since German citizens get complete secondary education after the age of 12-13, a future entrant should catch up with the missing program at the university at home, or at a so called Studienkolleg – a preparatory course of a German university.

Higher education in Germany has also its features. For example, German universities provide specialist training in two stages. The first one lasts for 2 years, which includes basic disciplines in the selected area. The university doesn’t give a diploma at the end of this block, but it carries out knowledge assessment. The next stage is focused on more detailed studying of topics, placing the emphasis on specialization, writing thesis and final state exams.

And of course, it’s worth to remark that Germany attracts not only with possibilities, but also with its mentality, culture and magnificent architecture. Once you dive into its atmosphere full of the history, it’s unlikely you might want to leave this country. So, if you are still thinking of a place to get admitted to, higher education in Germany has every reason to be selected for this purpose.

During the last decade, the Indians sought to pursue their higher education in Germany. Latest news articles indicate that this is one of the most popular European countries among Indian students who want to pursue higher education abroad. The nation in the central part of Western Europe is one of the best educational infrastructures in the world, and many consider it one of the leading countries specializing in technology and technology. Recent news reports indicate that the number of students from India in Germany doubles.

There are a lot of Indian organizations in Germany that support students from Hindustan such as Embassy of India, AISA Aachen, ISA at TU Berlin, Magdeburg Indians, Indian Association Dresden, Indian Students Association Cottbus, FISA Frankfurt etc. According latest news Magdeburg Indians and Indian Students Association Bremen win 2017 awards: 2017 Best Indian Students Association awards goes to Magdeburg Indians and Indian Students Association Bremen, The awards of 1000€ each cash prize and revolving Trophy was sponsored by HONASCO and CORACLE, both based in Germany.

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