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Education in Denmark for Indian students

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Capital: Copenhagen
Currency: DKK
Time zone: UTC +2

Main language of study: Danish
Second language of study: English
Structure of education system: pre-school, secondary (12 years), higher (3-9 years)
The most popular cities among entrants are: Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Alborg


Denmark is characterized by developed economy, high living standards and high quality of higher education that opens great opportunities for Indian students of employment around Europe and not only. Fundamental nature of education programs combined with modern methods, international agreements with prestigious universities allowing doing an internship or continuing education there, as well as an opportunity to get a scholarship or grant for a student from India covering expenses for education attract more and more Indian students to this country year by year.

Higher education in Denmark can be obtained in three types of educational institutions: research universities, colleges, higher vocational and marine academies. The choice depends not only on the level of already existing entrant’s preparation, but also on plans for future of Indian student. As for the quality of education, there is no difference, because all programs and methods of teaching are strictly controlled by the government at all stages.

Education in Denmark for Indian students

When entering a university in Denmark, a student from India should take into account the fact that based on the Danish education system it takes 12-13 years to get complete secondary education. So, people from countries where this stage takes 10 or 11 years have to enter a local university first and only in 1-2 years they can submit documents to a Danish university.

There is an opportunity for Indian student to get prepared to admission directly in Denmark – either at preparatory courses provided by a university or based on International Bachelor program. However, there are educational institutions that are ready to accept entrants with a school certificate, but they have to be honors pupils.

The language of study in Denmark, especially at state-financed openings is mostly Danish, which requires students to prove their knowledge of Danish as a foreign language. If a student from India is interested in studying in Denmark in English, he/she have to receive IELTS or TOEFL certificate.

The Indian community is approximately 5,000. Indian Nationals in Denmark are mainly students.

Cost of education in Denmark for Indian students

EU citizens have a right to get higher education in Denmark for free. For the Indian students this will not be cheap and will depend on the selected program and degree. However, there are a few options to save money: scholarships, participation in ERASMUS program, educational grants, but they rarely cover all expenses.

Those Indian students that are thinking of postgraduate studies should also keep this in mind. Such area of study in Denmark doesn’t have an appropriate financial support, that’s why researches will be fully financed by a student if he/she fails to get a public grant, which is next to impossible.

In general education in Denmark is rather expensive than affordable, but the living standards in the country, atmosphere and opportunities for studying are worth the cost.


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