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Education in Czech Republic for Indian students

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Capital: Prague
Currency: Czech koruna
Time zone: UTC +1

Main language of study: Czech (free programs)
Second language of study: English (only paid programs)
Structure of education system: pre-school education, basic school (from 6 to 10) and gymnasium (from 11 to 16), colleges and universities
The most popular cities among entrants are: Prague, Brno, Pardubice


Many students from India dream of getting education in Czech Republic and not without reason. Czech Republic – is one of the countries offering education programs of as maximum level as possible. If an Indian have a diploma from a Czech university in many specialties, doors of most European and American companies will be opened for him/her.
The most needed areas of education are: tourism, ecology, finances, medicine and computer science. However, the last two specialties are very difficult to get admitted to due to a large competition.

Such a high interest to graduates from Czech universities is based not only on high quality of preparation, innovations, modern techniques used for teaching future specialists, but also on historical reality.

Nowadays education obtained in Czech Republic is considered prestigious, because it has been a tradition since 1348 after establishment of the first university in the Central Europe. For many employers the fact that a student acquired knowledge in a particular university can explain more about a candidate than his/her experience.

Another advantage for Indian student of studying in Czech Republic is an opportunity to get education for free. However, a student from India has to learn Czech and pass admission tests for this purpose. In general attitude to Indian entrants is very friendly, and the fact of multinationality of students only makes university administration happy.

One of the most popular universities in Czech Republic is Charles University, which can be compared to Oxford, Sorbonne, Bonn, Bologna according to its level of preparation and prestige value of a diploma. Here, just like in other Czech universities you can get education not only in national language, but in English too. So is very convenient for students from Indis. But this is only a paid option.

Specific feature of education in such kind of universities is lots of self-preparation. The whole system of education is focused on unlocking student potential, but it’s up to the student how well can he/she use this potential in practice. When entering the Czech university a student from India has you understand goals, because he/she will not have time to relax.

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in New Delhi calls for a high-level delegation of Czech universities to India to convey the opportunities available to Indian students in the Czech Republic. According to the latest news ambassador of the Czech Republic to India Miloslav Stasek heads a delegation and visits six cities in India to have kindly calls or meetings with ministers of higher education. Their agenda implies spending high-quality time on campuses at many universities in India, interacting with students and faculty.

The Indian community is one of the smallest minorities in the Czech Republic. But recently their presence has become more prominent, partly due to the growth of Indian restaurants and the growing awareness of many Indian cultures, traditions and customs. There are only 150 students from India in Czech Republic, however in a few years the amount of Indian students will increase.

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