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Education in Cyprus for Indian students

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Capital: Nicosia
Currency: Euro
Time zone: UTC +03

Main language of study: Greek, Turkish
Second language of study: English
Structure of education system: pre-school (3 years), elementary (6 years), secondary (6 years), higher (3-6 years)
The most popular cities among entrants are: Nicosia, Larnaca, Engomi, Latsia


Cyprus is an amazing place where a student from India can have rest and also get a higher education. A distinctive feature of this sphere is a great number of accredited private universities accepting Indians. For Cyprus, non-state institutions are ahead of state ones in terms of specialist preparation, which should be taken into account when searching your Alma Mater.

Education in Cyprus for Indians

One of specific elements of education on the island is an opportunity to choose among universities of different countries: Britain, Turkey and the USA. There are more British and Turkish ones and there is only one American university. Despite this fact Indians  who want to get an American diploma still have chances. Lots of educational institutions in Cyprus cooperate with universities of other countries, and this fact allows students from India to get double degrees.

It is very popular in Cyprus to study at colleges, where you can get vocational education and start working afterwards, or get a Bachelor’s degree and continue studying at an educational institution of higher accreditation. A student from India can submit documents there starting from the age of 16, while universities don’t accept students until they are 18. Indians who don’t know the English well enough have an opportunity to attend preparatory and language courses. Also there is an opportunity for Indians that they can easily acquire a study in Cyprus visa without IELTS. It is available not only for Cypriots but for students from India as well. Admission to students from India with a degree of 60% or higher in 10th and 12th grades in English is allowed in some universities after a personal interview or through telephone calls. Even without a good rating of IELTS, Indians can still participate in the North Cyprus program of choice.

It’s no big deal to guess that the most demanding specializations among Indians countries are tourism, hotel and restaurant business, international relations and business administration. This is because Cyprus is one of few places that can provide not only with good theoretical knowledge in these specializations, but also give an opportunity to test it in practice.

Local universities take into account significance of English-speaking education programs. There are quite a lot of them, but they are all paid, just like education in local languages at state educational institutions too. However, there are some advantages: prices for education are lower than in the USA or Great Britain and talented students from India may get scholarships that cover half of the price. According to the recent news there are more than 120 scholarships for students from India.

Another advantage is that there are no entrance exams, at least in private universities. To become a student in Cyprus a student from India have to get a good certificate of secondary education and a certificate as proof of foreign language skills used for studying. A list of the rest of documents depends on a university.

One more important advantage is friendliness of local citizens towards Indians and assistance from the university administration in solving topical issues. This includes search of cheap accommodation, financial aid or discounts.

Those students from India that are planning to solve financial issues by themselves should pay attention to the fact that as a non-resident of EU country you will not get a work permit during the first six months of staying in Cyprus. However, after graduation Indians will be allowed to stay on the island legally for another year in order to find a job.


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