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Education in Croatia for Indian students

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Capital: Zagreb
Currency: HRK
Time zone: UTC +1

Main language of study: Croatian
Second language of study: English, German, Italian, Hungarian
Structure of education system: pre-school, elementary (8 years), secondary (4 years), higher (4-5 years)
The most popular cities among entrants are: Zagreb, Zadar, Rijeka, Split


These days Croatia is a country that can be proud of one of the best education systems in Europe. Starting from 1993 the government has made every effort to repair economics and education within the shortest possible period of time after downfall, caused by military actions and then improve them to the maximum possible level.

Education in Croatia starting from elementary one is available not only to local citizens, but also to Indians. For this purpose there are lots of state and private learning centers and institutions of different level of accreditation.

However, it should be taken into consideration that pupils who want to continue studying at university have to study another 4 years at gymnasium after mandatory 8 years at summer school. For those who don’t want to go to a university, but start working it’s enough to study 3 years at a profession-oriented school. Metallurgy and machine building industry are the most demanding technical specializations at the moment.

Higher education in Croatia

The fact that about 70% of pupils who studied at the territory of Croatia are easily get admitted to the first year of a university shows that the system of education is well-developed and provides high quality of preparation. That’s why students from India who want to get higher education in Croatia are better graduate from an institution of secondary education there as well.

Academic degrees in Croatian universities are the same as in other European countries: Bachelor, Master and Doctor of Science. The first academic degree takes 4-6 years, the second one – 1-2 years, and only then a student from India can think of a degree of Doctor of Science or Arts.

Advantages of education in Croatia

  • High level of specialist training;
  • Diploma is recognized in the world;
  • Availability of 2-year programs of applied area of focus;
  • Opportunity for Indians to study for free and get scholarship;
  • Low cost of education even in private universities, as well as accommodation and food.

Education in Croatian universities or institutes is available to any school leaver who has a certificate of secondary education with high grades in final examination. As for citizens from India, they may enter a Croatian university based on the results of common state examination from a native country, or pass it in Croatia.

Decision about student’s admission from India is made based on his/her certificate grades, results of common examination and language test.

A society between Croatia and India that set up in June 1994 has been active in organizing social and cultural events, films based on the life of Indians, various documentaries on India and its traditions. The Community of Indians in Croatia is small in size. There are around thirteen families in Croatia. However, people are hospitable in Croatia, so it will not be a problem to study and communicate there.

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