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Education in Bulgaria for Indian students

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Capital: Sofia
Currency: BGL
Time zone: UTC +02

Main language of study: Bulgarian
Second language of study: English, Russian
Structure of education system: pre-school (4 years), basic (12 years), higher (4-11 years)
The most popular cities among entrants are: Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv


Bulgaria is an EU member and also a country with quite affordable prices for accommodation and education, which attracts more Indian students to its universities year by year. The cost of education and admission requirements are the same for students from India as for local students.

To get higher education in Bulgaria for a student from India is possible not only at universities, but also at specialized institutes, as well as colleges. Currently the most popular specializations are: medicine, information technologies, tourism, marine navigation, hotel business.

Bachelor’s professional training program is different in Bulgarian education system, which is taken based on studying at technical colleges. There are also many education programs of advanced training for established specialists and doctoral candidates for Indians.

Education in Bulgaria has the following advantages:

  • After graduation a student from India will get a European diploma, which is recognized in all countries.
  • The cost of education is quite affordable for Indian student and it is not high comparing to other European universities.
  • For citizens of some countries education may be free, but this depends on existence of international agreements.
  • Opportunity to get scholarship for Indians, including the one from a university.
  • After entering a local university and completing 1-2 years there, a student from India may submit documents to any Bulgarian university and start studying there without any entrance examination.
  • Education in Bulgaria is offered in several languages: Bulgarian, English and Russian.
  • Another positive aspect is that related expenses are not high, and it is allowed to work legally during studies.
  • There is also an opportunity to stay in the country after graduation for Indians.

Education in Bulgaria for Indians

Opportunity to get higher education in this country is offered not only by state, but also private universities. Moreover, education programs have no difference in quality or level of accreditation. The only thing that differs is the price. However, considering the fact that there is no exact free education in Bulgaria, the choice of a place for studying is a matter of preference.

Requirements to entrants in different education institutions and specialization may vary, that’s why a student from India should always check this information in advance. The only permanent thing is the requirement to know Bulgarian or English at B2 level and have good overall grade point average.

According to the latest news there are more than 110 scholarships for Indian students available in Bulgaria.

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