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Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina for Indian students

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Capital: Sarajevo
Currency: convertible mark
Time zone: UTC +01

Main language of study: Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian
Structure of education system: pre-school (up to the age of 7), basic (8 years), secondary and technical (4 and 3 years), higher (3-8 years)
The most popular cities among entrants are: Sarajevo, Zenica, Tuzla, Mostar


Specific aspect of the system of education in Bosnia and Herzegovina for Indian students is the fact that this sphere doesn’t have a nationwide status. Administrative separation of Bosnia and Herzegovina into 10 cantons caused lack of a single governing body, such as Ministry of Education. That’s why before submitting documents to a university a student from India should carefully check all requirements and potential opportunities.

Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina for Indians

Multinationality of the country led to appearance of three different education programs that are used in different territories depending on their ethnic composition. However, some general subjects, such as history or religious studies have a range of significant distinctions. At another point such approach enables to keep cultural heritage of all nationalities living in the country.

Such phenomenon as “two schools under one roof” is quite common these days. It means that Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian pupils study in one building but in different forms without an opportunity to communicate with each other during classes.

Higher education in Bosnia and Herzegovina

To get a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctor of Sciences diploma for Indian students nowadays is possible not only in state, but private universities too. However, those who want to become a teacher should pay attention to academies in Zenica and Bihać.

Higher education includes 4 stages. The first one – basic, takes 2-3 years. The second one – professional, takes 4-5 years. The third one – Master’s and the fourth one – Doctoral. The only thing is that the list of available specializations in different universities varies, so that means Indian students should consider this matter first when choosing a place where to study in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Diplomatic relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina were established in 1995. Relations between India and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) are warm and friendly. BiH consider India a great multicultural and multireligious democracy, which BiH is trying to achieve. BiH attaches importance to good relations with India and the need for further development and strengthening of comprehensive cooperation, including economic and cultural.  About 30 Indians, mostly employed in the Ispat Coke Plant in Tuzla and in the Arcelor Mittal plant in Zenica, make up the Indian community in BiH. There are two associations: the Friendship Society of Bi-Khinga – India, located in Sarajevo, and India-Bi-Indi, located in Mostar, which regularly organizes various cultural events.

According to the latest news there are more than 120 scholarships in Bosnia and Herzegovina for Indian students.

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