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Education in Austria for Indian students

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Capital: Vienna
Currency: Euro
Time zone: UTC +1

Main language of study: German (free programs)
Second language of study: English (only paid programs)
Structure of education system: elementary school (4 years), high school (5 years) or secondary school (8 years), gymnasium, tertiary school, college, university
The most popular cities among entrants are: Vienna, Graz, Salzburg, Linz, Sankt Pölten


Students from India looking for not just a good higher education institution offering a high level of knowledge, but also comfortable living conditions during the time of studying should pay attention to Austria. For example, its capital Vienna is considered one of the most beautiful and comfortable cities in the world, which is known for its wide infrastructure, huge variety of sightseeing attractions, distinctive architecture and just cozy and well natured atmosphere.

Education in Austria matches with elegant genteelness of the country itself. Austrian universities have made themselves known in ratings of higher education institutions for several times and appeared to be in top 100 among the best universities of Europe. And this despite the fact that studying there is available even for Indian citizens, since it is almost free of cost.

This country will be interesting especially for Indian students who want to work or complete an internship in the sphere of tourism, because Austria is famous for its spectacular resorts, high level of service, well-structured hotel business and also ski tourism. So, studying in Austria will definitely not be boring and trivial, because you may enjoy its hospitality as a tourist all the rest time.

Distinctive feature of the system of education in Austria is its huge variability. Starting from school students get several choices of education programs of different complexity and preparation time. The same situation is with higher education institutions. Such a flexible approach to preparation of education programs allows satisfying almost all needs of Indian students, from the full cycle of preparation in the selection area to advanced training.

To get an opportunity of free or privileged studying a student from India has to prove knowledge of German, since this is the language used for studying at no charge. Also a student from India has to provide a certificate equivalent to Austrian Reifezeugnis, confirming getting secondary education together with other documents necessary for admission.

Indian students should take into consideration that an Austrian certificate of maturity is issued only after passing a complex exam in the following subjects: German and foreign language, mathematics, physics or biology. Therefore, a school certificate in India cannot be compared to “Matura” in Austria. Instead of it a student from India has to submit a document on admission to the first year of a local university in the specialty of his/her interest.

Despite the fact that some specialties provide an opportunity to study in Austria in English, a student from India still has to pass both oral and written exams in German in order to get admitted. However, Indian student can learn it while attending preparatory courses at the university that is chosen or at a language school.


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