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Education in Albania for Indian students

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Capital: Tirana
Currency: Albanian Lek
Time zone: UTC +01

Main language of study: Albanian
Structure of education system: pre-school education (4 years), elementary (9 years), secondary and technical (3 and 2-5 years), higher (3-8 years), postgraduate (3 years)
The most popular cities among entrants are: Tirana, Shkoder, Elbasan


Albania is a small country, which is not yet distinguished by high living standards, but despite this fact it appropriates enough money for development of the sphere of education. All Albanian universities are state funded and have good material and technical base. Education system and diversity of education programs are organized in such a way as to motivate as many Indian students to get higher education in Albania as possible.

Education in Albania

Education in Albania can be paid or based on state-financed openings, the amount of which is planned annually for each specialization separately. Entrance is conducted on a competitive basis according to the results of entrance examination divided into two parts: general education and specialized (depends on the selected department).

Recent news indicates that these days the most popular specializations among youth are economics, law and foreign languages. Consequently, competition among those who want to study in Albania in these specializations is the biggest.

If to talk about the perspective of the obtained profession, one of the most appealing ones is teaching. In fact, its advantages are rather related with prestige value and different privileges, than a salary level. However, considering a big country interest in the development of Albanian education, this may be a temporary phenomenon.

Diplomatic and bilateral political relations between India and Albania are cordial and friendly. The Indian community in Albania is miniscule (less than 20). Occasionally Indian personnel have been used to complete construction projects. On the other side, you will not feel there alone. Albanians are friendly and open-minded.  Indian students will find a variety of research studies, though, many of which can provide an opportunity for students to be a part of the medical field. Overall, the country is safe for indian students, offers affordable education, and has a low cost of living. It is centrally located too, making European travel easy for Indians.

The cost of education in Albania

The tendency of price increase for education in Albania has come up recently. On the one hand this is associated with fast development of this sphere and implementation of modern programs, and on the other hand – with active participation of European universities in this process.

According to the latest news the most expensive specializations are medicine, law and economics in both private and state universities. In addition, prices for education in Albania in these specializations are even higher than in the neighboring countries (Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia). Luckily, there is a real chance to get a diploma for free, including opportunities to get a scholarship or a tender.

There are a lot of Albanian scholarships, fellowships and grants for Indian students. According to the recent news the Trans Adriatic Pipeline opened the applications for its third round of internship, inviting all interested students from India and other countries. The internship supports students career goals and help them succeed beyond university. More than 70% of students are currently employed.

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