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ХІХ World Festival of Youth and Students gathered youth from all over the world in Sochi

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ХІХ World Festival of Youth and StudentsThe most outstanding event of this year – ХІХ WFYS (World Festival of Youth and Students) has taken place on the territory of the Russian Federation. More than 25,000 people representing 185 countries worldwide have arrived to a resort city Sochi. All participants of the festival – people with a particular life philosophy who aim at making some contribution into the world history.

The event program was very varied. Organizers provided daily work of about 70 sites with different types of master classes, educative workshops, heated discussions, performances of new youth and student projects, as well as entertaining and sport activities: cycle race, football tournaments, dance battles, quests etc. Everyone could choose anything to his/her liking.

The remarkable thing is that the organizing committee of the XIX festival included almost 200 representatives from different parts of the world. Among them were successful diplomats, professional journalists, public activists, best students of the world-known universities and famous sportsmen. They all made every effort to make the festival gain traction.

Within the framework of the festival program there were lots of panel discussions. The most important was discussion of the subject “Universities during the epoch of grand challenges”. Making a report a rector of one of Moscow universities Viktor Sadovnychyi declared about the need to establish the World Rector Association. According to him building relationships with universities worldwide will significantly expand opportunities for students. His suggestion was actively supported by students from foreign and local universities. Now, like they say, it’s up to rectors.

It has to be said that over the past week the Olympic Park, a place where the festival took place, has turned into a separate perfect world of kindness and fairness. But everything has its end and the festival grand finale was held on 22nd of October. So, let’s wish all participants luck and hope they will make worthwhile ideas real as fast as possible.

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