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A train “Heart of Russia” travels in a London Tube

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A train “Heart of Russia” travels in a London TubeOn the occasion of the Year of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the United Kingdom an unusual train called “Heart of Russia” has been launched in a London Tube. It consists of seven thematic carriages that introduce art, science, cinema and sights of the Russian Federation to Englishmen and tourists.

The first carriage is dedicated to ballet and it has pictures of famous Russian prima ballerinas of all time, stages from the world-known performance “The Nutcracker” and the Bolshoy Theater of Russia. The theme of the second and third carriages is fine art and poetry. They are decorated with famous paintings of Malevich and Petrov-Vodkin. Walls of the carriage also have portraits of the world-known writers Leo Tolstoi and Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Passengers of the fourth carriage can meet characters of popular Russian films “Moscow does not Trust Tears” and “White Sun of the Desert”. The fifth carriage is decorated with images of temples and famous Ostankino Tower. While travelling in the sixth carriage passengers dip into a parallel world, where they are able to meet first space conquerors Yuriy Gagarin and Aleksey Leonov. The last carriage is dedicated to Dmitriy Mendeleev, a person that made an invaluable contribution into the world science.

The train is made in dark-blue, white and red colors. They are common colors on the flags of both countries.

Besides, London stations have now put signs with QR-codes and photos of famous people. Having installed an application Heart of Russia into your gadget, anyone can check a biography of a Russian celebrity they see in front of them.

The unusual carriage will be travelling in London Tubes within 3 months. During this time millions of people will be able to find out useful information about Russia and its famous inhabitants.

Great Britain is planning to launch the similar train in Russia, which will introduce science and education of the United Kingdom to its inhabitants and guests.


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